Delicate flower by

Vinna Reed

 4.51 (262 votes)

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Joined in Apr 2015

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July 11, 2015
There are definitely some DB light moments going on here. Love the dress! Plenty of fantastic teasing going on the whole time, which I was not really expecting after her debut DB card. Keep those smiles coming :D
Joined in Jul 2009

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July 10, 2015
I bought her debut card on DB. Watching that I thought she is a dominant type girl (no problem with it, also can be enjoyable) and she will never smile. Luckily I was wrong. She can smile and what a smile is that! Vinna is a sexy girl in a teasing show, a super debut on VG...
Joined in May 2012

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July 11, 2015
Cute face and haircut, love her lips and eyes 10

natural boobs, and butt 9

simple outfit but effective 9

dancing is good, even with the pole 10

she is porvocative, fresh and horny, she teases (maybe too much?) 10

only one discrete tatoo on the back of her shouder

explicit with pussy playing 10 (no finger penetration, ok for me on VG)

no cage or other show 9

to conclude, nice body, nice show, she looks happy to play 9
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