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Serena Wood

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Joined in Jan 2009

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August 7, 2017
5/5 Serena's a stunning girl with a lovely smile and is super cute in cosplay.


+ Cute

+ Lovely smile

+ Cosplay

+ Pigtails

+ Good teases (taking advantage of cosplay)

+ No anal


  • Strange expression

She has an expression where she tries to pout her lips with her mouth open. God bless her but it makes her look horse-faced. It'd have been better if she dazzled us with her lovely smile.

  • Thong

A thong does nothing for the cosplay and strangely detracts from it. Lola Reve's 'Highschool Dropout' and Marica Hase's "Solo" cards seem a better way to go. i.e. Plain white panties.

  • High heels

I've never, ever found them sexy. If a girl wants to stare me down I guess wearing 6 inch high-heels makes that easier.

  • Undresses too quickly

She throws her clothes and cosplay outfit away too quickly and even takes a scene to throw them all over her shoulder. She should tease in it more. The idea is to play the part, not just throw your clothes off to get naked.

Naked woman = Plain woman. A 2-second search on Google will find a hundred million hits of 'naked women.'

  • Removes socks too quickly

I know there are feet-fetish people out there but there's so many cards of girls wearing swimsuits etc with no socks. Let them enjoy those.

You're dressed in cosplay for a reason. Take advantage of it and enjoy teasing the camera. Role-play as a 'college girl' or whatever takes your fancy in that cosplay.
Joined in Mar 2009

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July 12, 2017
super juicy
Joined in Sep 2016

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December 1, 2016
Besides the fairly good (by this site's standards) schoolgirl(ish) outfit, she does several pantyless upskirts. So I have to applaud that. Like I've said before, she has a very nice naturally sexy body, and amazing skin that I bet some tattoo artist is crying that he can't ever paint on (I hope). Not that I have anything against tattoos, it's just that with Serena I somehow am always struck how flawlessly soft her skin looks. The lighting is really quite good in these clips.
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