Novice Lawyer by

Anna Polina

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Joined in Jul 2013

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May 9, 2017
OMG if they actually had lawyers like the lovely Anna Polina I'd get into trouble on purpose (I mean who the F wouldn't???)...

Come to think of it...I've been really naughty so I'm gonna need you to be my lawyer pretty please Miss Polina! You are the best lawyer in the entire universe!!! I adore you...and yes I do have your card (obviously) if I can only find your number o_O
Joined in Mar 2014

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February 22, 2016
What to say about Anna Polina and this card that hasn't already been said about her...

Nothing comes to mind. SO, here's what I will say. Normally, I don't care for enhanced breasts, as they typically look fake. Anna's don't. Whoever did the surgery did an excellent job! Secondly, in the clip I was watching that enticed me to write this comment, she is almost wearing a really sexy panty, which she skins out of easily. VERY nice...

Now, on to the two things that would have put this card over the top for me. First: The stockings should have been fishnets. Second: she could have been dancing in my apartment, for me alone, and then we could have... well, you get the idea.

From me, a 10/10 rating. Would have been higher, but the scale is too short....

Joined in Jun 2012

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December 9, 2014
I love the outfit and the haircut. This Russian girl is sex on legs, flaming hot and this show is her best so far. Smooth moves to rythmic dances, great positions and flawless eye contact. She's like Natalia, but better! Some may say the fake boobs are a negative point. Well, usually I don't like this, but hers are very well done. No scar, good shape. Good job ! A must have card!
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