High-Risk Operation by

Amber Cute

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November 21, 2014
More hot moves from Amber Cute, this time in a SWAT outfit which emphasizes her creamy skin and red hair, but otherwise does little for the show in terms of providing opportunity. The hat is cool and she keeps it on in a few scenes, though.Most of the action in this card is Amber's usual desktop dancing, striptease, and body showcasing. All of which she is good at. It's hard to find much wrong with this hot redhead. The show is a bit repetitious when compared to her others, which detracts somewhat, but otherwise is an excellent performance.Well worth the download!
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November 15, 2014
For me, Amber Cute really is Virtua Girl! This is her second show and I already fell for her. She's beautiful, likeable and sexy, does a seductive and enterteining show and she looks awesome in any outfit. And hey, shes a readhed after all. That alone is already enough to adore her. Please more from her, Totem. And thank you Amber for the great show!
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March 30, 2016
Bravo Amber pour ton jolie show. Tu es belle et d?sirabme. Terriblement bandante. un beau corps, des petits seins tous mignons.

Un cul d'enfer ! Et une tres belle chatte qui donne envie d'etre penetree. I love you
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