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Vanessa Decker and Amber Nevada

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June 12, 2017
This performance by stunning Czech babe Vanessa and Spanish beauty Amber is overwhelmingly superb. Vanessa and Amber get on exceptionally well together. They perform with genuine shyness and innocence even though there is nothing innocent about their performance, which is charming, daring, slow, gentle, very sensual and sexy, and quite explicite.

What a treat watching Amber delivering excellent stimulation to Vanessa. It's a privilege seeing Vanessa enjoying her orgasms. Vanessa does an equally outstanding job pleasuring Amber who enjoys her orgasms like no other girl does. She's something to see. Their pussies are simply sensational. The dildo scenes are also spectacular. HOT!!!!!!

The pairing of these two natural beauties with their contrasting complexions is excellent. Vanessa has an awesome body with perfect large breasts. Amber has a different body type but nevertheless is very beauthiful with a nice arse.

The sound and vision of this card are excellent, which add to the quality of the performance. This is one of the most enjoyable performances... but then again, all the shows with Vanessa are outstanding. A gold standard performance. Well done.
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September 30, 2014
Vanessa has the perfect body and Amber has a very cute face, the duo is complete and very sexy, good chemistry between those girls!
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April 20, 2017
The toxic contrast between milk-white skin of Amber (which accentuates the redness resulting from the lightest contact with ... well, anything) and Vanessa's perfect tan completely ruins this card.

Amber is not very pretty either and her performance, frankly, sucks. I am only keeping this card for Vanessa (she is awesome).

I wonder what the director was thinking when he ruined Vanessa by introducing Amber into this card. He must colorblind, lacking any sense of aesthetics or both, or worse.
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