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Amirah Adara and Amber Nevada

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August 15, 2017
Tanned Amirah and snow-white Amber deliver a performance that just has to be seen! These two babes are incredibly beautiful, with gorgeous pussies. The chemistry between the two is unbelievably awesome, which makes for a superb performance.

These babes don't waste time getting down to some serious pussy pleasuring, which is awesome to watch especially the way Amber vigorously works Amirah's pussy to orgasm in one particular fabulous scene. Both girls experience some great orgasms, particularly Amber who is an absolute joy to watch as she quivers, moans and giggles from the intense pleasure she experiences each time she climaxes. The last oragsm of Amirah is also a must see.

This really is a must have card. Everything about this card is good, and I really mean everything. Amirah and Amber don't just perform... they entertain, and they really make you feel good watching them having a ball. This performance is so so HOT!!!!!! EXCELLENT.
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October 3, 2014
If tiny tits don't bother you, then it's definitely worth the credits. Excellent performance in this card. The outfits are a bit ridiculous but once they have taken it off, the real show can begin!
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March 20, 2015
Poor show.

Focus - 5/10. Keep looking at the camera, what's with that?

Passion - 4/10 they give off the sense that they're just doing a job

Clothing - 8/10 Pretty erotic getup

Creativity - 3/10 Nonexistent.

Chemistry - 6/10.

Positioning - 5/10. They keep getting in the way of themselves. At times its difficult to see a thing.
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