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Samantha Bentley and Vanessa Decker

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June 3, 2017
This show is an absolute pleasure to watch. So enjoyable. Samantha is a beautiful English babe. Love her pubic hair. Love her talking. Love how she pleasures Vanessa and how she is clealry in awe of Vanessa's beauty and body. Vanessa is mesmerising and so so so very beautiful. She is one babe I can't get enough of. She has a beautiful complexion and physique but it is her perfect full breats that make her stand out from other girls. She is HOT!!!

This show is particularly pleaseant to watch because the quality of vision and sound is superb... really superb. It really adds to the performance by Samantha and Vanessa, and allows us to better appreciate the babes bodies and pussies. The way these girls interact with each other is so sexy. Their finger stimulation is excellent, their use of their dildos is exciting, and their orgasms are low key but great to see... no loud screaming or anything but just natural and a pleasure to see.

This is a most enjoyable show, especially because of the gorgeous Vanessa and her overwhelmng beauty. I hope to see more of lovely Samantha in future. Excellent.
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October 3, 2014
Vanessa is one of the hottest babes we've seen in a while.

Samantha is an explosive performer, a real tiger.

This duo had to be awesome. And it is !
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September 17, 2014
my love of sammantha is well known but i must say that vanessa is spectacular. damn near perfect breasts that defy gravity let have that perky shake to them as well! excellent nipple color and placement, as well. i love that these girls use flesh dildos rather than the neon party lite dildos that others use and are very distracting. the blowjob they give the single dildo is fucking awesome! i cant wait for another duo with these two and vanessa's solo card! both of these girls would have been awesome with athina and lexi!
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