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Lyen Parker

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Joined in Jan 2008

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August 24, 2014
Chica guapa y sucia, sabe a lo que viene en DeskBabes!!! Si te gusta que se se metan los dedos duro es tu show. Excelente contacto visual además de ricos gemidos. 10 PARA MÍ.
Joined in Nov 2008

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August 20, 2014
Lyen is a fine girl, your mum has warned you about. Wow! what an erotic adventurous girl to watch!

I like her seductive gaze in eyes, inspiring how a young girl can unleash her pleasure and share it with you through this performance.

One little downside: shadow cast in some clips.
Joined in Jan 2009

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July 26, 2017
One look by Lyen and I am immediately ready for her, i.e. horny as hell. And she surely delivers in this card. Amazing seductive and enthusiastic performance!
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