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Ava Dalush

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Joined in Aug 2009

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March 28, 2015
Best comment One of the best girl on here, lovely horny body, great outfit and nice pussy play show. Super reccomended card :)))
Joined in Apr 2013

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July 24, 2014
Her voice is good, her face is beautiful, her breasts are big enough for me and thanks to that outfit you can see them from the start, yey! And they look nice too. She isnt as thin as some others, i like that. But i just love her pussy. Thats the best for me on that girl. Shaved enough so you could eat her without getting hair in your mouth but so much nice fur above her pussy, looking a bit wild/ not attended to for some time, i love it, its like she's shaving not for looks, just for the fun parts to be licked often....and enough sexy fur to play with and tease her and i bet if she wears a skimpy enough bikini-bottom, bush might show....i think thats sexy in some special way i like a lot.

Joined in Jun 2012

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July 23, 2014
Finally on DB !

Ava Dalush invented sexiness.

The beauty of a natural body, sensual moves, great voice, epic show.

What else could I say ? I'm just out of words, she's a living fantasy.

Ava, you rock !!
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