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Tiffany Fox

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Joined in Dec 2012

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April 8
This Californian babe is hot… really hot! She oozes sex sex sex!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany has a beautiful stunning looking slender physique with a very attractive pussy & fabulous tuft of cropped pubic hair. She also has lovely long slender legs. Beautiful.

This is an excellent unadulterated exhibition of explicit pussy pleasuring that one could ever want to see. Only one way to describe it… SEXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!

Everything about this show is fabulous, including the superb quality of sound & vision & in particular, the natural colour.

Joined in Jun 2012

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July 4, 2014
+ Great anal sex

+ Very flexible

+ Nice body

+ Partially hairy pussy

+ Finally an American girl

+ Dirty talk


  • Something wierd about her face
  • Why does she cry when she masturbates ?
Joined in Aug 2010

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September 4, 2014
This is a great plus for the members here in the Unite States. There are so few models that are from here in (and from) the North American contenant and (not just from) The United States of America. I hope to see more from my country.

Tiffany is a beautiful brunette with a georgeous body, natural breasts and cute perky nipples. That will make you wanting more from her. She interacts with the camera nicely and makes you a part of her playfulness and flirty fun like you are really sitting in the chair directly across from her. She definately makes your dick hard! I hope to see more of her and her flirtations in the near future.

I am am also hoping that you can get more American women on Desk Babes and Virtua Girl. Especially more NATURAL red heads.

Thank You, Totem!
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