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Taylor Shay

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April 5, 2018
There’s nothing better than seeing a most beautiful blue-eyed blonde doing her thing on one’s computer screen… & Taylor Shay does it beautifully.

The quality of production is excellent. Sound & vision is superb. The natural colour is perfect… & I love seeing all Taylor’s veins & minor skin imperfections on her breasts. Beautiful!!!!!!

Taylor is a gorgeous babe. From her beautiful long blonde hair down to her pretty feet, she has a fabulous body, a fabulous physique… my dream babe! I love her beautifully groomed genital area & she has an extremely attractive pussy!

It’s such a pleasure to watch Taylor performing. She is so gentle, sexy, sensual, erotic, & elegant. She has “IT” … the indescribable element of quality that captivates & mesmerises.

I love watching how Taylor plays with her breasts & her pussy. To see her orgasm is an honour, a privilege & a pleasure. When she produces her pink dildo & uses it in her tight wet pussy to achieve another orgasm, it’s the icing on the cake.

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December 20, 2013
I very much enjoy her performance. My complaint with the clip is that the audio (vocal) track is obscured by the music (sound) track. Otherwise, this is a good card.
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December 18, 2014
Her card is slow and I really enjoy that. This is one of my favorite cards on deskbabes, but I can definitly understand if some people would pass. There really is an emphasis on striptease part of the show rather than being explicit. On paper I should be dissapointed with this card, but her smile and eyes have me fixated. Taylor's performence is alluring with those who are patient enough.
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