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Lucy Heart

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Joined in Jun 2012

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December 4, 2013
I must admit I was really impressed by this new girl.

Russian babes are definitely incredible, and special mention for anal sex!
Joined in Dec 2007

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December 9, 2013
Good to very good Show - very Erotic. If "Lucy Heart" wouldn't be from Russia
  • I would say that she has the typical Polish or maybe Polish-Russian/West- /White Russian Figure - which is a very EROTIC Figure of course with a
lot of Erotical Rounds and often a more voluptuous -erotic - Figure ! So these

Slavish-Viking Women are highly Erotical and keep her Erotic Beauty often/mostly very long, so that they often still look EXTREMELY good also at Mature Age between 40-50 and even longer...Often - when more Mature around 40-45 they become often even more voluptuous or TRUE Rubenesque that is in Fact a (Erotic) Figure neither Slim nor Fat but imposingly beautiful Erotic - so that often a Polish or West-Russian Women at Mature Age could become for example an exceptional total erotic Rubenesque mature Femdom-/Dominatrix - especially in Combination when she wears more than less Erotic Lingerie and/or Fetish-Gear/Erotic kinky "Mix-Costumes" etc. Great Erotic Luck, if a Man has such a

Women !
Joined in Jan 2018

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February 12, 2018
Very sexy girl, a real blonde bombshell. Nice curves, great body and a lot of sexy scenes in this one. Love how she plays with herself
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