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The uber-hot Lola is back and her high energy and great smile are better than ever! This solo card showcases her in many excellent ways, including with some great self-play and even better interaction with the viewer. Lola has a hot, natural body and while petite, she is beyond awesome. Her bright smile and high-energy, sensual attitude finish off a complete package of beauty that no one can ignore. This is definitely a great card and one that is very much worth the download. Highly recommended.
v20310905 avatar
Pretty Lola is without doubt one of the most beautiful healthy looking cute blonde babes ever. She delivers a series of incredible perfomances in this card. She has a terrific body and is complimented for having such an incredibly attractive sexy well groomed genital area. It leaves me spellbound!!!!!! Lola demonstrates her truly remarkable skill of self-pussy pleasuring. What a sight to see!!!! The way she works that dildo in her tight pussy, it is so so impressive she deserves the title of "Princess of Pussy Pleasuring". This is truly one of the most outstanding cards. Lola is simply stunning. Absolutely fantastic to see her doing what she does so well. Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Parfaite !! Dommage qu'on entende les cliques de souris et sonnerie de sms.... Mais je recommande chaudement !
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