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Ema and Nicole Vice

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Joined in Aug 2008

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March 6, 2013
I agree Ema & Nicole are very attractive young ladies, and

obviously get into each other.

Overall good show and sex play, would not mind getting a

piece of both of them myself

Ladies, I am ready if you are.

It is to bad that I can only rate them a 10, they deserve a lot

Joined in Oct 2012

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February 15, 2013
Ema and Nicole are two very attractive ladies and for me they look kind of similar, the long dark hair makes them almost seem like sisters (however I doubt sisters ever put on a show like these two do!!!).

The outfits work great two slightly different styles but the bright red dresses really work well together and just add to the 'sister' feeling. The action is good and the ladies really put on a great showsexy, fun and very very enjoyable to watch - thank you ladies!

A show well worth buying 10/10
Joined in Jun 2008

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January 12, 2013
ema is great as usual, but it is nicole that truly shines here. she is obviously hot for ema and wants to fuck the crap out of ema and has little patience to get to the good stuff, practically raping ema.

ema on the other hand tends to slow things down for some reason and just play and play while nicole is chomping at the bit.

ema keeps looking at the camera,(which i fucking hate) while nicole doesnt seem to know the camera is there and just wants to get her fuck on! (which i love!)

so while i will continue to buy ema's cards, i will very much look forward to nicole's cards, and hopefully plenty of them!
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