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Danielle Maye


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Big Boobs
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User comments (31)

curiousgeorge2 avatar
The dirty talk and her new bolt on tits improved what was already one of my favorites VG. Please bring her back to VG for another 6 shows.
uPaLLn1TE avatar
Danielle was my favorite VGirl. She was a natural fresh faced goddess with a naughty smile and style. In this card I dodn't even recognize her. She's morphed into another big breasted blonde bimbo. A dime a dozen in this industry. I'm heartbroken. The show is plenty rauchy and she's naked in every scene but one I think. But I'm still mourning the VGirl Danielle. I've never been a fan of the talk dirty to me stuff, but she does it well. I prefer moaning, sighing, and an occasional 'Whoo Sh--!'. I should love this card but I don't. The show is a 10 minus 1 for my favorite VGirl.
geniusman16 avatar
I absolutely LOVE how much dirty talk is in this show! Danielle really knows how to turn you on and make you feel like you're there banging her. My one big complaint is that a lot of the clips are really short and cut off. It's like the people who edited the show didn't like her talking or something :/ I'll give it a 9/10 simply to get their attention and next time don't cut her off all the time.
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