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Angelica Kitten

Leonelle Knoxville


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zebrazuk avatar
What do you get when you take 2 stunning all natural raven hair beautys and put them together? The girls have matching black and pink outfits that I quite like, although Angelica has pink shoes and Leonelle has black. Leo introduces herslf and Ang, as I would guess Ang doesn't speak much English although what she does say is in one of the sexiest voices I've heard in quite some time. Both girls are masters at throwing big beautiful smiles at the camera and both appear to be having fun. If I have a quibble, it would be Leo's habit of moaning constantly which I find distracting and a little fake. Dildos are in all but one clip in this show and are put to good use giving each girl 1 decent orgasm, but the big news is the last few clips. First, Ang removes her shoes, then just as Leo starts to as well it fades out. A little annoyiong but she carries on in the next clip and both are now barefoot. There's some mild foot play and then it's back to some dildo play. It's pretty subdued, but the pose they're in shows off they're amazing bodies perfectly. Then the last clip starts and Leo says "You like feet?" Yes you guessed it, full on footy action, with all the licking, sucking, stroking and rubbing you could hope for. Even the dildos get in on it giving us a nice footjob kind of look. So what do you get? Well, the show foot fans have been waiting for, that's what.
iberios avatar
good card all around but too much promise and not enough deliver. they pretend they gonna do foot stuff, but its pretty tame. the dildo stuff is tame. the incessant moaning for no reason is annoying. they cut aways are fucking insulting. worst part is bonus video...again, this guy makes a few comments off screen and he close ups on the boobs so much he missed pussy play FIVE FUCKING TIMES! when will they fire this asshole?!? they should have made a full on footjob video with these two for the bonus. theylook great together. like the rubbing and at least ang sucks for a bit.
jeepo avatar
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