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High Heels

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Wintermute0 avatar
This girl has become one of my very favorites. Dummy that I am and new to this side of things, I had to read someone's mention of sound before turning it on. Before doing so, I was going to advise her not to overdo the "hurts so good" expressions, but adding the sound, everything fits fine. I wouldn't care if DB uses voiceovers by other girls and improves the tracks where there is too much room rumble; but I prefer to believe this girl's English (and Jana Cova's too) is really that good and that she is not faking the result of all that stimulation. Grab this performance before the Thank You sale goes off. This woman is iconically beautiful from so many angles.
Chilandro avatar
Alyssia is just my type and one of the reasons I became a member. I love the thought of her standing almost 6 feet tall - I love tall women with great bodies. I just can't get enough of her!
v24207695 avatar
Minus 1.5 stars for the Photoset. This girl has the most beautiful body and legs to die for, but in the photoset there are only THREE full body shots and only ONE of them of her standing. That photographer was a moron. He should be fired and never rehired by anyone who has ANY idea whatsoever about taking beautiful photos of beautiful women, the kind of photos that do them justice. The card itself is a 5/5 so if the photoset is of no importance to you, get this card by all means.
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