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Roxy Taggart


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  • Duration: 28 min.
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User comments (11)

WyDude avatar
Jordan is a great performer with a very sexy attitude perfect for hard core performances. Roxy Taggart is new and extremely hot with her big natural breasts and beautiful raven-haired look. She is somewhat submissive, making this a great duo. The two girls have some chemistry together, but not much. Because only Jordan can speak English (apparently), most of the performance is geared towards the camera rather than being totally between the girls themselves. Normally, this would be a show killer, but in this case, it makes it as if the event were a 3-way rather than just two lesbian strippers. This is one of the few performances that have appeared on DeskBabes so far that this can be said for. Finally, I would have issued a Perfect 10 for this one but for one problem: it has an abundance of gratuitously short clips.
Starryk avatar
After seeing this show i am more happy than ever i recommended her for DeskBabes and did my part to make it happen. She is so hot. Great dirty talking in a so sexy voice. Of course she looks fabulous. Jordan deserves a 10 for this show. However as this is a duo i have to say Roxy is not up to Jordans presence on the screen. In many clips you can easily overlook her while all the attention is focussed on Jordan. She does the talking she is the leader and Roxy only tries to follow. In a few clips they are more equal though. Still i think Roxy is not up to a 10. More like an 8 for her. Still if you like a hot young girl with big boobs and a great ass promise you the best orgasm of your life if you f*** her in a surprisingly deep, sexy voice then you have to get this show. Well i admit i am biased towards Jordan after efforts i made to get her to DB but i can't give this show less than a 10 for Jordans performance More objective it would probably be a 9.
v24207695 avatar
Nothing to complain about. Big, natural boobs (and great-looking boobs at that!), two beautiful women playing gently with one another... Good image quality, nice lesbian action. Does not look fake (though at times it does appear as if they look at the camera crew for directions). Minus half a star for 'standard' resolution. Needs to be remastered for UHD. Overall nice card. No regrets buying it. *** a hint to Jprdan if she does another card: Have a drink before the session to help you relax... or get out of this business, do some lingerie modelling instead, I say...
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