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WyDude avatar
This is another dismal failure wherein two very hot, very beautiful DeskBabes with big natural breasts are paired up and manage to do a show that has no chemistry and that barely qualifies as lipstick lesbian fair. Mandy Dee is one of the hottest and most sensual women to come to Totem in a long time. She has charisma, sexual magnetism, and a near-perfect body. Yet in this pair up with Candy Alexa, the show falls very flat. The girls are often distracted by off-camera happenings and seem to become flustered or unsure of what to do next. In on scene, illustrative of the entire card, Mandy Dee is using a green dildo on Candy Alexa, who is making the hissing, moaning sounds that go with the show (and are obviously faked). Throughout the scene, however, Alexa is looking off-screen in glances as if someone is holding up prompt cards or giving her pointers or something.
plasonic avatar
Both babes tend to overcome the limitations of the body suit effect by lookin' good in them, especially Mandy.I do not experience the "explosive" aspect others mention 'tho.The vibe of this card is "mellow" mostly with Candy doing a bit of over amped CumStriOnics!It's just not a spectacular card like I've cum to expect with Mandy Dee.It is a tits out,wobble boobs fest 'tho with some nice sucking, squeezing, and jiggle action.They both do some fairly HungryBabe pussy licking,feisty finger diddling, & a good amount of dildo fucking.ALAS it's a shame there is no anal action! A Mandy DB card without Anal action is a wasted resource! Mandy is in charge here and, pro that she is, directs the action competently. Her demeanor and energy level are low key, more realistic than Candy, who is doing her best to Act porny.The sex talk is low key also, nice but uninspired.Not a bad card, buy it for Mandy, but for me, too formulaic, and uninspired.Mandy's looks to us are nice 'tho, when she fingers!
Titaryough avatar
What a waste of brilliant outfits!! Hot bodies, Hot clothes, Horrid performance. These dresses should have been given to desk babes who at the very least know NOT to stare at the camera. Totally disgusting. I'm not getting another Mandy Dee.
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