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Barbie White


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jonnycmoore avatar
A couple of perfect 10 babes. Super sexy, very horny, but I think the show was a little too nice. Would have been nice to take advantage of their considerable anal skills and see them give each other a good ass pounding. All in very "nice", but 1 point off for a missed opportunity.
v20310905 avatar
Mandy and Barbie need only sit there cuddling each other and they deserve five stars. They're gorgeous. With Mandy, it's her huge breasts that are eyecatching. With Barbie it's her amazing blonde beauty. This isn't the most exciting performance to see ... but as I said, just their presence gets them across the line with five stars. Well done girls!!!!!
plasonic avatar
Mandy & Barbie are 2 of the most beautiful girls on VG/DB & look great together here, but who slipped these girls Quaaludes before this show?Where is Aliz when we need her? She would have lit a sexy fire under these lethargic babes.(See Aliz/Antonia duo to see what I mean!)I don't know what it is but Mandy seems to be just "phonin' these duos in".The lack of excitement & chemistry between these babes is quite apparent in the brief & passionless kiss action.There is some hot action, mostly in the last two clips,but compounding the missed opportunities is a clip where Barbie is in doggie position and Mandy, after some ass worship strokes, goes in for what may be an anal rim job or at least some nice long pussy lickin' and FADE... never to return!I want much more from Mandy ...I mean she's doin' anal all over the web! I just wanted a hotter mix of these 2 hot babes. It's hard to get excited over this uninspired action, especially after seeing the amazing Aliz do her hot babe sexin' cards!
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