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Barbie White


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Lana and Barbie fly the flag here for Hungary, and wow, they fly it well. These two babes are so natural together. It makes their performance all the better. Barbie looks like a real life Barbie with her wonderful blonde hair and looks. Her beauty is spectacular. These two beauties are sensational as they get down and dirty with each other in a good way, pleasuring each others gorgeous looking pussies. They get to enjoy some wonderful oragsms in the process. The communication between Lana and Barbie is a delight. They deliver a "I wanna watch it again" type show.
sunstroker avatar
I "hope" that TOTEM will allow this comment to remain posted.... as I want to express how VERY VERY pleased I am with this duo card!!! Both Barbie and Lana are beautiful and sexy - but more importantly, their enjoyment of EACH OTHER comes across as SINCERE and real-life BELIEVABLE!!! The photography along with their poses are the clearest and most close-up erotic of any sex I've ever seen!!! Lana is, in my opinion, the more orgasmic - spoiled only by her looking at the camera too much - and I'm not complaining - only thinking that in a real-life situation, they would be devoting full 100% attention to each other and not smiling for the camera! MOST IMPORTANT, this duo of erotic sex is the most COMPLETE with more VARIETY of anything yet - such as them fucking each other in a hot tribbing scene - such as HOT and clear "69" scenes - and such as the scene with Lana "tongue-teasing" Barbie's pretty pink rose-bud while fingering Barbie's pussy and clit!THIS IS HOT HOT HOT!!! LOVE THEM!!!
TUT69 avatar
Love to see 2 beautiful girls in an intimate Duo. This card is great!
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