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WyDude avatar
This is a very hot solo performance from a beautiful Asian girl on Desk Babes. Lana has a curvaceous, not-too-thick, but definitely not thin body that you just want to grab and do naughty things to. This card has great solo play from Lana, and though her vocals ar ea little cliche, they are good erotic fair. The outfit is boring, but doesn't last long. Lana wastes no time getting down to business in this card, grabbing onto the dildo and gettin busy. There's not much to fault with this card, but at the same time, it's not extraordinary for any reason other than it's a very solid, enjoyable performance from this hot DeskBabe. Well worth the download.
plasonic avatar
Thanks to zebrazuk for the words that helped me buy Lana's card! She is the type of nubile young beauty, with her lush, "Natural Woman", fully curvy body, everything in place & jiggly, yet fit,Real, Real, Real, that I like so much!She looks cutely Latina enough to provide "diversity" kicks & kinks. Her "Ohh baby, Mmmmm" style sexy sounds & that sly horny smile of hers combine for a nice erotic talk delivery, although I could have used a bit more sexy words as she is so fluent in English! Not to any detriment however, because she sounds just like your pleased lover as you proceed to fuck her, hot & loving! She does a very effective dildo self fuck in the "horny spider" position, leaning back on bar, open legs spread to us, ramming the dick into her pussy while giving us lots of "Oh yeah, fuck me baby, etc." When I beg her to do it...SHE DOES!Nice action of dribbling her spit on to pussy from fingers & madly twirling it.Three fingers in & pumping straight at ya'! ASS up & cumming! Great!
29158swc avatar
lovely toy action bon maniement de gode et bien en face, un régal !!!
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