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Niki Sweet

Lucy Bell


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High Heels

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Clip Notes™ for b0174 - Niki Sweet & Lucy Bell/Duo Pink bra and panties, heels 11. 2:48- Table, Topless; Kissing 12. 3:56- Table, XXX; Nipple licking, kissing, light oral 13. 2:47- Table, XXX; Rubbing, spanking, self-fingering, kissing 14. 1:42- Table, XXX; Rubbing, kissing, nipple sucking 15. 3:26- Table, XXX; Oral on vibrator, rubbing, vibrator, kissing 16. 3:45- Table, XXX; Oral on vibrator, vibrator, rubbing 17. 2:05- Table, XXX; Anal self-fingering, anal vibrator, self-rubbing 18. 2:05- Table, XXX; Nipple sucking, kissing, rubbing 19. 3:59- Table, XXX; Rubbing, oral on vibrator, vibrator, 1 orgasm, kissing
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Both are 10's the show is hot. Thanks Totem for the updated software, for which to put these babes in slow-mo, and pause...
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... you can 'moan', 'squeek', 'talk' or 'giggle' because no matter what the sound is on DB cards it's 100% better than the silence you are presented with on VG cards and if it truely bothers you simply shut the sound off. Now that you all have me on a soap box [so to speak] I personally LIKE the cage and if you've read any of my prior comments you must also know that I Do Not Like FAKE titties ... not that any of what I say matters to any of you. These girls are Natural so I purchased the Card and a damn good one it is too! ! ! !
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