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zebrazuk avatar
Lucy Bell has what I might describe as girl-next-door charm in this slow paced, single theme show. She starts out in English, appologizes for not speaking it well then speaks Czech for pretty much the rest of the show. Does she talk dirty? Maybe she could make a construction worker blush, I have no idea. She does seem a little unsure at first and chats away a little nervously. She starts to masturbate a little, even inserting four fingers, but it's only once the vibrator comes out that the nevous energy starts to disappear. Lucy really likes the vibrator, and even point's out the different settings, deciding "one" is enough for her. She treats us to views of herself from all angles as she gets down to busines and her chatting becomes quiet whispers and groans. Her eye contact is very solid and they say more than word's, English or Czech, ever could. It's pretty obvious she's getting off on this and her substantial orgasm in the last clip would seem to bear this out. Watching her arousel build as the clips progress gives this show a very realistic feeling and the big finish is the icing on the cake from this charming Czech beauty.
irregard avatar
Perhaps not everyone's taste, but worth a 10 from me for "two... three... four?" Despite not speaking Czech, I didn't really have that much trouble picking up what she meant. Her voice, gesture, expressions and eye contact were superb. The last, especially in the later clips, sometimes transforms her from merely an attractive woman into a sultrily stunning one.
FLBob64 avatar
Love watching Lucy fuck her pussy furiously! Just wish I could eat her plump, delicious ass and meaty pussy and shove my pleading dick in her. Love watching her over and over!
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