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Niki Sweet



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  • Duration: 25 min.
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User comments (16)

Eel67 avatar
I had foolishly avoided this duo of Niki Sweet and Iris after reading negative reviews by others claiming that the girls were too silly etc. Not true. This show is actually very hot. They show everything, nothing is hidden. Glad I bought it. I also love all the barefoot action.
Vic48 avatar
If you are looking for something serious hot and sweaty - keep looking. If you are after a bit of fun with the hot and sweaty, it has it. As normal Iris talks through most of the show but in-between their is a lot of chemistry between these ladies and a lot of level 5 dildo play. Personally - something different and a card that is well worth having. The only con is the editing, some of the clips stop part way through.
Starryk avatar
this show is 2 girls fooling around with a lot of laughter from both girls. Iris totally takes the lead in this show. It is great fun but it also gets really hot. The girls hide nothing. Great poses that allow us to see everything. Iris spreads Nikis pussy lips apart and then says 'oh my god it is pink' :-) this give you an idea how explicit and x-rated content is paired with great fun. i was not sure if girls with such outfits would make a real hot show but they do. Perfect combination of comedy and hot sex. It even features anal insertions. This show gets a 10 from me.
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