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WyDude avatar
Just looking at Aliz, I would probably have never downloaded her cards simply because she's almost the opposite of what I prefer in women. Luckily, looks aren't everything. This girl is one of the hottest sexual dynamos to hit DeskBabes ever. She is not just a sexpot, she's a damn nympho all the way. In her card with Abbie Cat, she was aggressive and hot. In this card, she is downright hard core. The card features her and a big machine that literally pummels her pussy and almost appears painful. She loves every second of it and spends most of the card in near collapse as she reacts to its pounding. You could say it was faked, but it's highly doubtful. She nearly faints repeatedly from the orgasms and makes a lot of noise while it's happening. You get the impression that she forgets about the camera in a lot of the scenes as she just lies there moaning. This girl is about as hot as it gets and this card is by far the best sexual performance I've seen on DeskBabes.
gonzo420 avatar
One of the most awesome solo performances I have seen on Deskbabes! If Aliz is faking her pleasure, she deserves an Academy Award! Personally, I don't think she's faking any of it. She appears to be enjoying herself so much that she forgets that she is on camera...and that "sex machine" is perfect for a lady like Aliz, who seems to enjoy using it even more than I enjoy watching her. Aliz, herself, is a gorgeous young lady. She gets me hot before she even begins getting right into it with herself (and her toys) when she really starts to satisfy herself, she more than satisfies me! A definite 10!!!
v20310905 avatar
Just when you think you’ve seen the best of the best, along comes beautiful Aliz who takes it to another level … and my God, she certainly takes it to another level. Aliz excels in this performance, experiencing orgasm after orgasm after orgasm using her dildo and her “f**k machine”. What is so impressive about her performance is the intensity of her orgasms as she seems to forget the camera and just indulges herself, achieving mind blowing intense sexual pleasure. After watching this performance, because it is so intense, you feel like you’ve just had sex with Aliz. Wow… this is powerful stuff, and all credit to Aliz for putting on such a brilliant performance. She must have a very high sex drive based on her ability to experience such intense orgasms. Unforgettable amazing performance!
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