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Abbie Cat

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June 20, 2011
Abbie Cat has become one of my new favorites here at Virtua Girl Review. She is very hot, very sexual, and very, very talented. Her natural body, sexually-charged demeanor, great attitude and connection with the viewer, and obvious enjoyment of her desktop dancing and striptease makes her a top notch VirtuaGirl.

This solo performance for DeskBabes is very hot. It is a sequence of clips going from introduction to fully nude and enjoying herself with a dildo. You can clearly see that it's not an act and this beautiful Desk Babe is very much into her show.
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April 6, 2011
lovely dark haired beauty.

sexy action-shows

it is obvious that she enjoys the performance
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April 24, 2012

7 clips (Solid 24.5 mins)

2.08 Intro - talks and teases

3.30 breast massage, fondling, spanking, slow peel/tease.

3.40 breast massage, finger sucking, shakes ass toward you, on all fours, fingering, tastes her juices, pussy spreads and massages, deep fingering, nice moans and sighs.

4.05 seated legs spread toward you fingering, twirls clit to orgasm, on all fours, spanks her ass, fingers from behind.

3.05 TAKES HER SLIP OFF, nude except heels, massages breasts, fingers pussy, hard breast squeezes, TOSSES OFF HEELS, clit twirls, licks and sucks vib, rubs vib across nipples.

3.32 rubs vib against clit, slips vib inside pussy slowly, nice creamie wet pussy lips, rubs clit furiously with vib

4.30 multiple positions, vigorously plays deeply with vib in her pussy, talking and eye contact as she comes.

Technical: Excellent sound. Pale color. Sharp focus.

Comments: She talks you through fucking her as she loves her pussy! Incredible eyes!

Cons: None.

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