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High Heels

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WyDude avatar
Elisa is a hot new DeskBabe performer who's really captured what many fans of the site love to see: a girl who is hot, enjoys herself when performing, and is as sexually-charged as you can get. Elisa has all of that and a comedic imagination, as showcased in this card. I was introduced to Elisa in a duo card with Tarra White. I would never have considered downloading her cards if I hadn't seen her there first. Her fun and hot performance with Tarra were enough to convince me that she needed more attention. This card was my next download. It did not disappoint. This card has two features that really set it apart and make for a Perfect 10 performance. First, Elisa gives a hot, sexually fueled show with a lot of dirty talk and action. Next, she surprises the hell out of you when she brings in "Fucker Bear" - a huge teddy bear with a strap-on dildo. She then proceeds to role play with the bear, even giving it a voice. A fun, sexy, very well worth the download card.
LollipopDonuts avatar
I first bought two duo cards from Elisa : one with Susan Snow, one with Ally style, which was very funny. I thought a solo card could be maybe a little bit more... boring. And then I saw members' ratings and comments, and I was like "woah, I've got to buy that card !". Elisa is an incredible comedian. She can get funny, nasty and sexy at the same time ! The originality of the show is beyond everything I exprected. The Fucker Bear scenes are hilarious, there's anal play, hot talking,... everything to keep the viewer entertained during the whole show. This is one of the most impressive performances on DB. If I go back to Prague one day, my greatest wish would be to meet that girl ! And oh my god, I love her voice so much. It's unique ! Great work Elisa, you've got a new fan... you're a goddess !
hungerman avatar
Lol, i didn't know there is comedy to be found on Vg/Deskbabes. A unique apparition among the cards, and great performance, that I only got because of the play with the bear. Therefore I was disappointed to see that only 3 clips are featuring it ): But at least they are long ones. (This is the only card where I want to watch the clips with "accessories included" most, all the others are the other way around completely (: )
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