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Tarra White


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  • Duration: 23 min.
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WyDude avatar
This was a very tough card to rate because it has elements that I think are a real step forward for DeskBabes and elements that I didn?t like. Tarra White is a hot, natural redhead and one of the most explicit pornstars to appear on DeskBabes so far. She has gained weight since her VirtuaGirlHD appearance and looks puffy. Any shortcomings in her appearance, however, are quickly alleviated with her extremely sexually-charged performance. The videos in this card are long, averaging over 3 minutes each. One of the best features is that each clip is a continuation of the last. Basically, Tarra did a 23 minute on-camera performance and Totem cut it into 7 pieces for the card. If you can watch them in order (you will with the next release of VirtuaGirl/DeskBabes, now in beta), then you are seeing what amounts to a solo performance porn show. It?s very hot. The performance itself involves Tarra White introducing herself, going through the basic strip motions, and then introducing Fra
HosedHead avatar
Tarra has a shyness and quaintness that appears in real life when you pass her on the street, but is totally devoid from these clips. Actually, if she was to be naked, that would overcome the only shyness she has here, but she is totally sexually unleashed here, as she tends to be for any camera. She helps others also unleash their naughtiness when with them. If she were to choose at some point to move away from the performing bed of porn, she would be a superb director and an inspiration to all participants - I could see her personally demonstrating to the cast how she wants the various acts to be performed, fluffing guys to help things along or getting a cameraman off so that he can hold the camera more steadily for the scene. You get the feeling that she doesn't do this for the money...
Sade10 avatar
Wow, record-breaking! Totem has attained perfection with this one! I hope it can be repeated. The most perfectly fitting outfit makes that beautiful white, lush flesh so desireable that you can hardly think about anything else after seeing it. Even when she's being jocund, she makes it so erotically intense! All her moves and verbal interactions simply make you burn!
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