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Susan Snow

Tarra White


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WyDude avatar
This card features sexpot Tarra White and the hot Susan Snow, who together make an awesome lesbian duo. Tarra is one of those girls that, no matter who you put her with, it's going to be a great show. Fake fingering (all of Tarra's cards seem to have this for whatever reason) is really the only detraction from an otherwise awesome performance here. Most of the scenes in this card are great, but watching the two women not just kiss, but really make out together is awesome. Their hot interaction, with it becoming apparent that Susan Snow really gets turned on by Tarra's work, is the best feature here.
plasonic avatar
Lock the doors & get out the Tub o' Goose Grease,PuckerLovin' PornDolls in the house!Tarra & Susan bring on the full on FuckBoogie of Horny PornBitches In Heat,enthusiastically ramming each others Pussy & Ass on & on, just like real lovers do!Tarra always brings a wild & sexy, friendly, slightly "fuck-buddy slutty",erotic, intensity to her sex play, and is joined here, thrust for thrust, by the lovely Susan.It's all here, from hot kisses to pucker finger fucking galore!Reality strikes as we finally get some real lusty lady lovin' of the kind I hope all of you have experienced in real life!Beautiful,realistic, ass up,rapid anal/pussy jamming by both enthusiastically joyful horny girls complete with plenty of honest sexy talk makes for a most EFFECTIVE show of Erotic action!Love how they include us in the Erotic talk! Love the well played Intensity of their sex! "Well & truly fucked" is a phrase that describes their experience quite nicely! I am "well & truly pleased" with these babes!
CROWBAR74 avatar
These two ladie are amazing. I love their interaction and enthusiasm. However, I agree with boxman - the anal is definitely fake. I would have rated this card a 10 without the anal, definitely a 10 with real anal. However since it is obviously fake I gave it an 8 for the insult. Come on Totem, we are stupid. If your not going to do it, don't try to pass it off as real.
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