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Susan Snow


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High Heels

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LollipopDonuts avatar
Wooow she's totally hardcore, didn't expect that. There's hard dildo and DP action, good camera angles, dirty talk in czech (but who cares) and she has a hot body. Very good show!
tirade4 avatar
Was für eine geile Show! SUPERSEXY OUTFIT!!! Susan ist eine süße Maus !!! 10 Punkte sind ein MUSS!!!
Wintermute0 avatar
I just got her demo with Ally and thought I'd look at the pix from her solo show, because that's pretty much all I use these girl-girl demos for. Lo and behold, I could see ALL the pix. ZING! I already had the solo! Duh! And I had never rated her. Well I have now, a 10, particularly because she gives such an amazing performance in the bonus video, offering up her sweet ass.
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