Brandy Smile show c0130 Duo

Brandy Smile

Ashley Brooke


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SungHi avatar
A lovely duo...2 beautifull women..."blond meets black"...simoly amazing 10 of 10
LollipopDonuts avatar
Two beautiful girls for a great show. It's a bit short and could be sexier, but it's definitely worth the credit(s)!
plasonic avatar
I was seduced into this card to see Ashly get herself "well & truly fucked" & was pleasantly surprised to find Brandy's voice not bothersome as I thought it would be due to previous duo card. Ashley's vibe is very much a shy girl who is willing to get erotic, but is a bit bashful.It's a very lovely vibe to go with her beauty.I like how she portrays the shy, but very horny girl, willing to get intensely sexy. Brandy slightly "over talks" to make up for Ash's quietness, but it's not too bad.Ash on her knees, ass to us,Brandy rapid fingering Ash's pussy to orgasm is a wonderful clip of sexy action! They both give good oral sex,sweet kisses, nice orgasms.Ash spread on bar getting dildo'd by Brandy then getting on knees, ass up, for more cunny rammin' is a treat!Ashley's buxom body, with her nice AmperDolls, turns me on when combo'd with her "recently a virgin" type persona. Brandy is the lean dream of sexy womanly delight.I still wait to see Ashly boogie her booty on VG! Sweet Eros!
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