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Ashley Brooke

Eve Angel


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User comments (13)

LollipopDonuts avatar
I expected better from those two amazing girls. The performance is very good, but it looks like they're a bit shy. They don't talk loud, are sometimes hesitating and not crazy enough. But the sensuality's not missing. The show is really sexy. The toy use is great, as well as Ashley's outfit. And, yeah... they're damn beautiful !
ModernPrince avatar
I have always thought that Eve Angel has one of the best asses on VG and Ashley looks fantastic in the web body suit. Great card!
Duaane avatar
How to judge this? The girl with the body suit was the hottest, she really got into it, but the body stocking got in the way. The longer scenes worked great. No over use of the dildo(s). Great Kissing. The other nit pick of mine would be the director could have been better (leg/foot got in the way, girl giving could "expose" herself more, recieving could have looked more into the camera. So a eight/twelve rating girls got the 12, direction and wardrobe get the 8. I can not rate it a ten so that was my delema.
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