Davon Kim show c0122 Duo

Davon Kim

Maria Bellucci


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hungerman avatar
Unfortunately not much card here offers anything more than some naked girls doing some monotone job with a piece of plastic. Now this is one of the few that DOES have something unique on top of that! They have a light "roleplay" going on through most - if not every - of the clips, where Davon is Maria's personal "sex toy". And the sweet little babe Davon Kim fits this role marvellously. Unfortunately the bulk of the clips feature simple and short boob licking or dildo play. I only noticed one licking scene. Some clips feature no action at all (there is even one that is qualified as "Full nudity", but the girls don't remove a single piece of their full clothing...). But even with these drawbacks, this card creates such a hot and rare erotic atmosphere, that it still deserved a 10 from me.
LollipopDonuts avatar
Maria Bellucci is the best MILF I've ever seen ! Her sensuality and her beauty are incredible, and she has in this card 2 great orgasms, thanks to Davon Kim, that sweet and hot asian girl. The chemistry is definitely obvious between those two sexy women. I can't give them anything else than a 10 !
NSFWDog avatar
Clip Notes™ for b0122 - Davon Kim & Maria Bellucci/Duo Black dress, black heels; white dress, black heels 5. 0:27- Standing, No nudity 6. 0:13- Table, No nudity 7. 0:18- Table, No nudity 8. 0:25- Standing, No nudity; Kissing 9. 0:33- Table, Topless 10. 0:34- Standing, Brief Nudity 11. 0:34- Standing, Nudity 12. 0:46- Table, Nudity 13. 0:38- Standing, Topless; Nipple sucking, kissing 14. 0:26- Table, Topless; Nipple sucking 15. 0:41- Standing, Nudity; Nipple sucking 16. 0:33- Table, Topless; Nipple sucking 17. 0:46- Table, Topless; Nipple sucking 18. 0:34- Standing, Full nudity; Rubbing 19. 0:45- Standing, Full nudity; Rubbing, nipple sucking, self-rubbing 20. 0:41- Standing, Full nudity; Brief rubbing 21. 1:04- Standing, XXX; Oral on vibrator, vibrator, kissing 22. 1:17- Table, XXX; Kissing, rubbing, nipple sucking 23. 1:15- Table, XXX; Oral, rubbing 24. 1:07- Table, XXX; Vibrator 25. 0:59- Table, XXX; Vibrators, kissing 26. 3:26- Table, XXX; Vibrator, rubbing, nipple sucking, kissing, self-rubbing, possible orgasm 27. 4:46- Table, XXX; Rubbing, vibrator, kissing, self-rubbing, oral, anallingus, orgasm
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