Blue Angel show c0120 Duo

Blue Angel

Maria Bellucci


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  • Duration: 24 min.
  • Level: XXX
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High Heels

User comments (12)

hungerman avatar
Maria Bellucci has already proven to me that she has a great sexual attitude in the cards, and Blue Angel - sesides being incredibly hot - has shown before how she can melt in the arms of her playmate. Combining them in a duo must ultimately result one of the top notch and uncommonly sensual cards of all.
LollipopDonuts avatar
Maria is amazing, as usual. She's the best MILF on DB ! Blue Angel is great too. I enjoyed her solo card and she's also very good in duo. Great performance, totally worth the credit! Go Maria !
Starryk avatar
Another very good show. Blue Angel and Maria Bellucci are both very beautiful women. Their interaction is very hot however not as great as Lauryn & Sandra. Of the three shows released today this one is the weakest. Still loads better than a lot of other shows though. Angel has a great ass and she is on all fours ass to screen in some clips. But Maria focusses a bit too much on 'us' the audience. There is one scene where she is about to kiss Angel and then she stops turns her head to the cam for a few second before she turns it back and kisses her. The message is clear:'I do this just for you guys' But because of this the interaction between the two is not so passionate as between Blue Angel & Dorothy or Lauryn & Sandra. As much as i like being included here i would have wished for a little less. There are some very hot clips and both girls seem to have real orgasms in this show. Not as much pussy and ass on display as in Lauryns & Sandras show though. Still worth a 10(more a 9.6)
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