Davon Kim show c0118 Duo

Davon Kim

Dorothy Black


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User comments (19)

WyDude avatar
This card is a study in opposites. Davon Kim is a tiny, thin Asian woman with small (fake, but small) breasts. Dorothy Black is a muscular, European woman with big fake breasts. Davon has a high, reedy Asian voice and Dorothy has a lower, more rolling voice. The two are different in almost every way. The card itself is a good one, though I?d expected the contrasts between the two women to be more played up with one maybe a little more domineering over the other. As it is, it is good, but not really special lesbian action between the two women. The two interact well and the play is great, but they make it too obvious they?re playing for the camera (rather than with one another) and most of the interaction is pretty boilerplate lesbo porn.
Viki avatar
Thanks so much for bringing great Davon Kim back to our desktops!!! Davon Kim is always an phantastic addition for every DeskBabes collection and an 'must have' for every DeskBabes lover!!! :-) This lovely duo animation is an 10/10 :-)
NSFWDog avatar
Clip Notes™ for b0118 - Davon Kim & Dorothy Black/Duo Tiger bikini, white heels; black leopard dress, black thong, leopard heels 3. 0:19- Standing, No nudity 4. 0:23- Standing, No nudity; Kissing 5. 0:28- Standing, Topless 6. 0:25- Standing, Topless 7. 0:28- Table, No nudity; Kissing 8. 0:30- Standing, Topless 9. 0:29- Standing, Topless 10. 0:23- Standing, Topless 11. 0:40- Standing, Topless 12. 0:38- Table, Topless; Nipple licking 13. 0:38- Table, Topless; Nipple licking 14. 0:39- Standing, XXX; Implied oral 15. 0:44- Standing, XXX; Nipple sucking, oral 16. 0:50- Table, XXX; Rubbing 17. 0:52- Standing, XXX; Oral on vibrator, external vibrator 18. 0:56- Table, XXX; 69, implied oral 19. 1:00- Table, XXX; 69 with vibrators 20. 0:37- Table, XXX; Vibrator, nipple licking 21. 0:45- Table, XXX; Vibrators 22. 0:50- Table, XXX; Vibrators 23. 2:36- Table, XXX; Nipple licking, implied oral 24. 3:34- Table, XXX; Oral on vibrators, vibrators, self-rubbing, probable faked orgasm
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