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Dorothy is a luscious, statuesque,sultry,beautiful babe!Wisely choosing not to speak much but rather letting her body do the talking, she moves through her performance as one experience a slow burn, turn on. Her sounds are those of a languid lover,indulging in the deep erotic ecstasy of continual arousal.I find her little "Uh" sound very seductive. Her act would be spoiled if she did any more talking.She CataBangs herself quickly into orgasms and her body jerk-twangs that accompany each one communicate the ecstatic release directly to my core, especially during a "shared" OG! Alas, there are a few of the Patented Totem early Fades that spoil the rhythm somewhat but generally it's like watching Honey Ooze to see her SelfFuck. I like her sex-play style where she achieves quick, early yet realistic OG's.Like a hot sports car-from sensual to cum in less than 60 seconds.Sensual on bar full spreads add to the delight of her sexy show!Not Davon level hot, but a sensual indulgence all her own!
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First off she has the most beautiful blond mane that I have seen yet on any woman here, and it looks like this is her natural hair color which, for me, the more natural the body the better off I like the show. The main reason why Dorothy does not receive a 10/10 vs a 9/10 is NOT because of her chiseled body by ANY MEANS. She IS one of THE MOST HOTTEST sweeties that I have seen doing a show for Totem. (SHAME on you TOTEM if you DO NOT request her back to do another show...possibly with Sara Silver Dollar?) She hardly "gets into the show"! I would definitely like to see her get herself off more often, honestly, within her next show. @Dorothy: Please come back to see us again! I know I ENJOY watching YOU (an I know that I am NOT the only one>:) !!!
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