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Angelica Kitten


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  • Duration: 27 min.
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High Heels

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Starryk avatar
hm she is certainly a nice girl. This show however is not what it should be. Absolutely nothing special. She introduces herself in one clip and it is recognizable that she is not really comfortable with using the english language. Still she manages to ask if we like her boobs and her pussy in other clips. No critic for that. But when it comes to explicit you will notice something can't be right. Her moaning sounds like once recorded and then played in infinite loop. Always exactly the same sound with no differences. And if a girl moans like that i daresay she is faking. And thus i am not happy with this show. The weakest show since many shows here.
RubberRoger avatar
Mmm, Angelica is one hot girl! She has a fantastic, natural body made to look even better in those sexy stockings and kinky boots. Angelica is the stuff of dreams and I find myself dreaming quite a lot since I added this card to my collection.
playboy125 avatar
sehr schön totem, macht bitte mehr shows mit strapsen und stiefeln
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