Kathy Moore show c0112 Duo

Kathy Moore

Lauryn May


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v20310905 avatar
Kathy and Lauryn put on a superb show. The way they talk to, and tease each other throughout their performance really makes this a wonderfully entertaining show. These two beauties know how to entertain. They are extremely attractive, both physically and personality wise, particularly Lauryn who has an unbelievably gorgeous pussy. The show really livens up when Kathy and Lauryn start masturbating themselves and then each other. The hottest scene comes at the end when Lauryn gets into doggy position and Kathy does an excellent job fingering Lauryn’s pussy causing Lauryn to finally experience a great orgasm. Only sometimes, in duos, do the girls have great chemistry together. Well, in this performance, Kathy and Lauryn not only have great chemistry, they also have great biology, great physics and great mathematics making Kathy + Lauryn = Delightfully Excellent. A beautiful performance, girls!
LollipopDonuts avatar
Lauryn May, once again, is a great star ! Shining a bit too much for Kathy Moore, desperately trying to follow the lead. But we don't care, their roles are appropriate and Lauryn proves one more time that she's the best DeskBabe of all times ! This card is just a-ma-zing ! All we want is more Lauryn May solos ! And pink is definitely the perfect color on her !
15qigydu avatar
Being honest, I am not a Kathy fan from her VG shows, but in her 2nd DB duo she is great. Lauryn however is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! What a hot find, excellent work Totem, please say there's lots more of her to come....
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