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This is a somewhat early Desk Babes offering, but it features one of the hottest MILFs ever, Kathy Moore. In this card, she is both sexually dynamic and alluring. Her natural beauty and striking eyes make her one of the hottest of the redheads to come to DB. Her performance here is mostly straight self-play with not a lot of imagination, but her excellent delivery and great attitude make up for the otherwise "normal" striptease show. She has a fun accent and talks just enough to stay interesting during the less exciting portions and unlike many amateurs, this MILF does not overdo the noise and moans. An excellent card that is well worth the download!
plasonic avatar
You would not know that Kathy Moore is one of the most beautiful women in the world by her card pic!She is exquisitely lovely in both her facial & natural, big babe, bodily beauty!Her sex talk is deeply erotic,intelligent, seductive, confident, & very erotic!She combines this seductive aspect with some of the best, most intense,fingering, dildoing,and siren like wonderful cum-song ever!I love it when, while dildoing her cunt, she breathes huskily & says,"I really like fucking myself!" She acts effectively, as your sweetest lover, wanting to fuck yer brains out, & seduce you all the way! She is SO MUCH better than her shy VG cards, I'm glad Totem finally "let her out to play"!Her self fucking is very realistic and enjoyable as a real journey into the cumtastic with her! Check out her interview vid, her speaking style, with that little head move as she finishes sentences is infinitely cute. Her shower vid is one of the few that works too!One of the gorgeous goddesses of VG/DB-she rules!!
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An old and all-time favorite. Ripe and beautyful!
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