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High Heels

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LollipopDonuts avatar
I didn't know Bambi and I was hesitating : do I chose Bambi's solo card or her duo with Lauryn May (who is my favourite girl on DB) ? So I decided to chose the duo card, and I don't regret it. But as I thought, Lauryn May is far better than Bambi. She's more beautiful, speaks english very well and incredibly hot. Bambi is nice, but Lauryn's level is really too high compared to hers. But she's good, anyway, it's just like putting the Arctic Monkeys with the Rolling Stones : a legend with a quite good follower.
plasonic avatar
If you're having trouble getting this card to play today (or ...) go here and follow starry's instructions Enjoy!
ExploringBeauty avatar
Love looking at Bambi's beautiful nude body; thanks ladys for sharing your sweet spots, you are beautiful!
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