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Lauryn May

Sandra Shine


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LollipopDonuts avatar
I'm just one of the biggest Lauryn's fan. She's got that something, I cannot describe it, but she's really amazing. Her talking is sexy, her moves are hypnotizing, her face and body are captivating. She's hot as hell, and looks perfect to me ! I also really like Sandra Shine, because there are not many sexy MILFs on DB. She's probably the most beautiful one. How great to see her performing with Lauryn in that amazing card. Highly recommended for those who love brunettes !
v20310905 avatar
This is a terrific pairing of Lauryn and Sandra. It's lovely to watch these two beautiful babes performing, and the way they communicate with each other. They put on a very very very sexy show indeed. The way they go about pleasuring their own and each others pussies is outstanding. As a pussy connoisseur, I think their incredibly attractive pussies are up there with the best of the best. Lauryn and Sandra are sensational. The chemistry between them is superb. Theirs is a sexual performance that needs watching again and again. Briliiant.
Starryk avatar
Wow, this show is great. These 2 really get down and dirty. They talk to each other and to us, teasing us. They show their pussies and asses a lot, they kiss and lick a lot and look soo great in their outfits. They really seem to harmonize with another and their moaning sounds real. If you are an ass lover GET THIS SHOW. Just have a clip where Lauryn is standing, ass to screen and Sandra is kneeling behind her licking, kissing and spanking Lauryns butt. Need I to say more? I don't think so. This show might not be the best show but if not then surely one of the best 3. For me it is the perfect DeskBabes show. 100 of 10
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