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Goddesses! Britney & Zafie are lush bodied babes who really put forth a sexy expression of being real lovers involved in some hot & lusty sexy lovin'!They are having fun being together & it translates into deep & real erotic explosions of cumming joy!I am smilin' mid-wank when Britney's look to me while she's dildoing an ecstatically CUMMING Zafie, says, "Hey Plas, you ready for some o' this? C'mon baby!" They're so good together! They provide what is so lacking in many DB cards,LONG WET, HOT,PUSSY LICKING(THE WAY LOVERS ACTUALLY DO!)They both offer beautiful open views of their treasures to us & often. Good variety & intensity, plus fun & explicit desire! As well as AngelFuckBods! After many years lusting after these babes on VG it's soo good to see & hear them really getting fucked & fucking! So amazing hearing their passionate song of CUMMING! Fave shot is Zafie on knees & Britney licking & twirling Zafie's pussy!Zafie returns the licking with a tongue wash of Britney's pussy! SEXY!
jumonkan avatar
I have to agree with some of the other comments that this is a great duo but I think, Ashly and Cindy and Playful Ann and Zafira have a strong showing too. This is show great both girls are sex and sensual, long legs, dark eyes and hair, nice tits on both girls and great asses all around. They play well together an look like they are actually enjoying one another, all the while making it seem they are just doing the show for you. This card is hot, the girls lick, rub and fuck each other with dildos. They seem to actually enjoy making the explicit and xxx rated scenes. There just beautiful, Britney going in and lick Zafira as she fucks her with the dildo is pure genius, and I believe Zafira actually cums in the clip. The downside is Ive notice the cards I have been buying are getting shorter some 25 mins this one 33 for 3 credits this should be at least 40 mins, come on Totem. besides that I cant find much wrong here awesome card.
bigmax1975 avatar
Veeery hot card, great GREAT looking girls (esp Zafira... marry me!) who handle each other often slowly and gently, as if they really mean it. Great open leg shots, lots of kissing, sucking, and smiling like they're enjoying each other. I'm really surprised this card is not rated higher than it is in the grand scheme of things. My only complaint is that it is too short (33 mins), but still longer than many others here on DB. 9.5/10
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