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Patrick avatar
Finally figured out what's different about Eufrat this time around - It's the legs!! Last time - boots, boots, more boots and the.. ^&*)Platform shoes. Man what a figure this girl has when you see it on top of those legs!!
LollipopDonuts avatar
What a genius' idea to put those two babes together ! This duo is just perfect, the girls are both hot and sexy, with beautiful bodies and faces. The performance is great, they look comfortable together and are close enough. The outfits are amazing and the show is long enough, with many interesting scenes and very good acting. One of the best duos so far !
HosedHead avatar
You know that this is a different world from VG itself when the preview above not only shows breasts, but Misa's multiple fingers plunging into Eufrat's naughty bits. I haven't reviewed Misa's interview, but Eufrat states that she likes male - maybe some gals in a work context, but she doesn't look like there is much effort needed for her play here. Good chemistry between these two, and one thing I have found amongst women in the Czech Republic of most ages is that sex feels good and with someone interesting and comfortable in their life, it is good to get playfully intimate. Basically, Czech women have almost universally strong sexual self-confidence.
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