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August 11, 2014
The good: Dayzee is one of the stars of Virtuagirl. Beautiful girl who moves well and provides some explicit (though no X-rated) scenes. Top notch make up and production values from Totem.

The bad: Five cage clips are a waste of disk space in my opinion. The long gloves and long boots stay on in most clips, although this show does feature full nudity in at least one clip, including bare feet for those who care. Unfortunately, the gloves and boots are worn in every one of the bonus photos, so no full nudity there.
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February 23, 2017
A sensational performance by Dayzee. Three words sum it all up… class class class. Amazing! Dayzee is incredibly beautiful. Her outfit is so damned sexy that when she came on screen, the bottle of champagne on my desk went “Pop” and the champagne fizzed out everywhere, leaving a very wet mess! Dayzee is wearing one of the sexiest outfits I’ve seen so far.

What Vanda Lust is to blondes, Dayzee is to brunettes! She’s simply magnificent. She has a very special quality. You can’t take your eyes off her. It’s more than just beauty and sex appeal, sexiness and sensuality. She’s got 'IT' … a special indescribable quality that very few babes possess.

Get this card. Dayzee is so so so beautiful in this performance.
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June 23, 2014
And again a great show of that gorgeous Dayzee. I even start to like that damn cage, at least when she is inside... I like the gloves this black outfit looks great on those perfect curves of her; I really love the boots and the fact that she's wearing them almost during the whole show. I desperately hope that this wasn't her last show. There's still one card to come, isn't it TOTEM...?
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