Street Charm by

Alexis Crystal

 4.33 (365 votes)

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May 2, 2018
Alexis is a real cutie! Street charm, she certainly has. Sexiness & charisma oozes out of her like a waterfall. Love the outfit. Bloody fantastic. Her bra & panties are hot!

Alexis is wonderful to watch. She’s so physically beautiful. Love her naughty sexy look. It drives one wild. Love her chest puppies to bits. She has fabulous hair. She’s just so adorable. I compliment her for having such an attractive pussy & gorgeously groomed genital area… a lovely clean look!

This performance is teasing & captivating. Alexis makes it exciting in the way she presents herself in every scene. Love all her moves. She’s so damn seductive. This show is awesome. She plays her pink pussy like a maestro plays his ‘Stradivarius’. This performance is a work of art.

What adds to this performance is the excellent quality of lighting & vision. Superb. The natural colour is just fabulous.

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April 10, 2014
Love the outfit, it gives the whole show that natural, spontaneous touch! Alexis Crystal is one beautiful and all natural girl dancing seductive, smiling sexy and getting really, really naughty. Thanks team for this great card! I've just seen the full show for the very first time and "street charm" already made it to the rare list of my favourite cards! Can't even concentrate on the text writing here right now... ;-)
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September 1, 2016
I am a fan ! Love her mouth, I think I am fixated on her mouth when ever this card gets played. I cannot help but notice it ! I may be watching it more than anything else. Alexis has a great body, no fake breasts, great soft, feminine, not muscular or masculine at all, small feet, & that kitty has no flappy, dangly bits. I am not much a fan of kitties with them flappy, dangly parts. But that is me. I give this card a 5+, & more if possible. :)
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