Savage Encounter by

Samia Duarte

 4.27 (324 votes)

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Joined in Apr 2011

406 comment(s)
February 20, 2014
I like this outfit on her it show her curse on her. she has nice legs and a nice smile in her show. Over all 9.5/10 for me.
Joined in Jun 2012

268 comment(s)
November 24, 2016
The leopard outfit is perfect for Samia. She is so sexy and her butt is to kill for.
Joined in Feb 2008

305 comment(s)
February 15, 2014
I really wanted to say a bunch of complementary stuff about this outfit, her amazing performance, and those smoldering eyes of hers, that devilish grin but all that comes out when i start typing is that THIS woman just gives me the Fiercest boner every time i watch her! Oh yeah and that other stuff too, but mostly BONERZ tho' srsly!
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