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February 17, 2014
Another very hot card from Nici, everyone's new favorite Asian. In this card, she is wearing a simple summer dress and panties. The bra-less look is awesome on a woman with a body like Nici's and she falls out of it throughout, making for creative and sexy scenes and moves.

The card itself features Nici doing some great striptease and showcasing and with the outfit possibilities and her fun style, Nici makes the most of everything here.

A great card and one well worth the download. A fun, playful show.
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August 30, 2016
Her sex appeal jumps off the screen as she dances absolutely a 10 or greater rating. Nici, you said in your bio that you are good in bed. How about other places in a home? Beds are good for sleeping, but really boring places for sex.
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September 9, 2017
Clip Notes™ for a1514 - Nici/Hip Chic

No audio; Floral dress, white panties, red shoes

4. 1:31- Table, No nudity

5. 1:25- Top of Screen, Topless

6. 1:42- Table, Topless

7. 1:11- Standing, Topless

8. 1:22- Standing, Topless

9. 1:05- Top of Screen, Topless

10. 1:38- Table, Topless

11. 1:11- Top of Screen, Nudity; No panties

12. 1:49- Table, Full nudity

13. 1:41- Table, Full nudity; No dress

14. 1:28- Table, Full nudity; No dress

15. 1:26- Standing, Nudity

16. 0:33- Standing, Full nudity; No dress

17. 1:15- Top of Screen, Full nudity; No dress or panties

18. 3:09- Table, Full nudity

19. 3:36- Table, Full nudity

20. 3:25- Standing, Full nudity

21. 3:51- Standing, Full nudity

22. 0:32- Standing, Full nudity; No dress or panties
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