Day Dreams by

Lindsey Olsen

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January 3, 2014
How can anyone not love Lindsey Olsen? She has a beautiful girl-next-door appeal, a great natural body, and more sexual energy than you can shake a stick at. She is far more energetic and fun than many VGHD performers of late and has an instant appeal that is undeniable.

In this card, she is wearing a simple summer dress, which goes along with some of the props (like the rope swing) in some scenes and which accentuates Lindsey's girlish appeal and whose pink color highlights her blond hair.

This is a great card and one that is highly recommended. Lindsey goes from pretending to be shy to powerful self-play in several scenes and is impossible to forget.
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May 30, 2018
This show has excellent lighting & excellent natural colour. It’s superb & it certainly allows Lindsey’s physical beauty to come through.

Love the way Lindsey comes over with her shy demeanor. But she has nothing to be shy about because she’s most definitely a gorgeous cutie! She’s one hot looking chick! She looks so damn sexy in pink! She has beautiful blue eyes!

Lindsey delivers a very seductive performance like only a ‘Lolita’ can do. Twisted erotic thoughts come to one‘s mind when watching Lindsey. When she plays with her beautiful pube-free pink pussy, it’s awesome! She’s just so beautiful to watch especially when she goes from shy to naked to sexy to naughty!!!!!!

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August 3, 2014
She is a very much hot babe, she is not the top of my kind of girl thath I preferr, but I need to say thath I very much like this card, not a perfect card, but a good card.

Nice is the way she strip in some clips, sometimes she loks timid, sometimes not, she Leaves space to the imaginagions, she tease a lot ;)

I am just courious to discover her other cards :)
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