Dominatrix by

Jessica Joy

 3.76 (420 votes)

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Joined in Jul 2013

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February 20, 2016
Jessica JOY indeed...more like Jessica Almond Joy lol fudgin yum! :P ...With that said this is my favorite card of hers...I can't explain why it just is...okay maybe I can...I just LOVE fishnet let alone black fishnet and the rest of the outfit is just grrreat! But nevermind that...she is flaming hot and her wild look/sexy attitude in this card make me drool everytime...I want to run my fingers through her shaved spot...mmmm (O FACE)
Joined in Jun 2012

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January 12, 2015
I can't remove a point for the outfit, the girl herself is perfect. And I must admit I'm particularly fond of her legs and her ass. This costume allows us to enjoy it, so for me it's a 10. You make me proud of my country Jessica!
Joined in Apr 2008

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October 6, 2013
Damn, what an ass on this woman! More please!
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